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The ‘tube’ shape with the central air chamber is specifically designed to help with airflow and circulation, meaning there’s more oxygen to improve the combustion process. These quadrangle charcoal briquettes are perfect for the grilling and cooking of meals with true heat in both indoor and outdoor settings. Their burning time is up to 5 hours on an open fire and the peak temperature is 800 degrees Celsius. Get the unparalleled heat and cooking quality of charcoal without a hint of smoke with these briquettes. Being totally smoke-free makes this charcoal perfect for both indoor and outdoor kitchens, making the cooking experience more versatile and comfortable, with no nasty smells or fumes. The advantage of charcoal briquette pini kay is the absence of harmful substances, 100% natural environmentally friendly product. This means you can cook with confidence that your food won’t suffer from contaminants. Natural Ukrainian Materials.

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